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Educational – debate session (Eurotalk)


Educational – debate session (Eurotalk)

On July 6, 2022, Eurotink – Center for European Strategies in cooperation with the Geneva Center for Security Sector Management (DCAF) organized a EUROTALK session with the Deputy Director of the Intelligence Agency of the Republic of North Macedonia, Mrs. Alexandra Bakrevska Dodevska. The session was held in the premises of Hotel Thessaloniki in Skopje, where a significant number of guests from the civil sector attended, mainly representatives of “Network 24” (a network of civil society organizations working in the field of the negotiation chapter 24 of the EU: Justice, Freedom and Security) journalists and media representatives.
The purpose of the session was to discuss the communication approach of the Intelligence Agency (IA) of the Republic of North Macedonia to the public, the cooperation between the civil society and the Agency, as well as how to strengthen the trust between the Agency and the public. At the beginning of the event, Mrs. Bakrevska Dodevska gave a general overview of the work of the Agency, in the context of their transparency and communication strategies towards the public. It was particularly emphasized that due to the sensitive scope of the agency’s work, the communication approach to the public is quite specific.
After the presentation of the deputy director of the Intelligence Agency, a constructive discussion followed with those present. This EUROTALK session is the first in a series of educational-debate sessions related to the security sector as part of the commitment and activity undertaken by Eurotink on the topic: “Proactive agencies for greater public trust” – Improving public communication strategies of security sector agencies in North Macedonia – financially supported by the Geneva Center for Security Sector Management (DCAF) as part of the 2021-2026 Intelligence and Security Sector Reform Program implemented by DCAF.

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