Ivan Stefanovski – Executive Director

Ivan Stefanovski is Executive Director of EUROTHINK since January 2020. He holds a PhD in Political Science and Sociology from the Faculty of Political and Social Sciences in Florence, at the University of Scuola Normale Superiore in Pisa, Italy. He studied law at the Faculty of Law in Skopje (undergraduate and master studies). His main areas of research interest are social movements, democratization, Europeanization, political polarization …

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Aleksandar Stojanovski

Aleksandar Stojanovski works as a head of administration and senior researcher at EUROTHINK – Center for European Strategies – Skopje. Aleksandar is a doctoral student at the Faculty of Security at the University “St. Clement of Ohrid”. He studied international criminal law and criminology at the Royal University of Groningen, the Netherlands (postgraduate studies). Alexander is alumnus at the Department of International Relations …

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Magdalena Lembovska

Magdalena Lembovska is a Coordinator and Senior Researcher on security issues at EUROTHINK. She has participated in over twenty national and international projects related to security sector reform and governance, irregular migration and asylum, the fight against organized crime, extremism, good governance, anti-corruption and Europeanization. She is an author of numerous policy papers, reports, manuals …

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Ajshe Mehmeti

Ajshe Mehmeti works as a financial and administrative associate at EUROTHINK. She has previously worked as an intern, translator and project assistant at EUROTHINK, and was also an English teacher at the elementary school “Brotherhood” and the private school “Challenge”. She studied Economics at the University of Tourism and Management in Skopje. Its main fields of research interest are …

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Zorica Strezoska

Zorica Strezoska has been a project coordinator at EUROTHINK since March 2019. She started as a project coordinator of a project for monitoring of the public administration reform in North Macedonia, and is currently a coordinator of a project for European integration. She holds a Master of Science (MSc) in European Policy analysis from the Catholic University of Louvain (Université Catholique de Louvain), Belgium and the Corvinus University of …

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Aleksandra Danailovska

Aleksandra Danailovska was born in Skopje. She completed her undergraduate studies at the Institute for Security, Defense and Peace at the Faculty of Philosophy, and continued his postgraduate studies at the Faculty of Social Sciences at the University of Ljubljana, in the International Relations program. At EUROTHINK, she works as a project coordinator of projects relevant to improving the …

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