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Connecting civil societies: North Macedonia and Bulgaria

Key information about the project


Embassy of the Czech Republic in Macedonia

Time frame of implementation

April 2023 – September 2023

General goal of the project

The goal of the project is aimed at building trust, preventing conflicts and reconciliation, based on mutual understanding and respect. This project actually represents a continuation of the already established ties between the civil societies in the two countries.

Specific objectives of the project

Increased cooperation and positive relations between the representatives of the two civil societies and; A more relaxed atmosphere through the demystification of fake news about Bulgaria through a social media campaign aimed at the Macedonian public.


· Coffee debates and networking with CSOs from Bulgaria: at least 3 coffee debates at which, through informal meetings, networking and rapprochement of CSOs, young people and experts on current topics will be ensured;

· Affirmative action to improve relations: Gathering of civil society, a three-day event where 10 Macedonian and 10 Bulgarian representatives will meet to discuss issues of cooperation and overcoming differences. International negotiation experts will be invited to facilitate them. They will also serve as consultants in the preparatory period.;

· Online resource: The portal www.eu.org.mk will be used. On our specialized platform for integration in the EU, the held Eurothink coffee debates, the gathering from the civil sector, as well as the electronic version of the publication that will sublimate the entire project, will be published. Regular updates on social media activities Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.

Relations between civil societies: North Macedonia and Bulgaria

The goal of the project "Relations between civil societies: North Macedonia and Bulgaria" was aimed at building trust, preventing conflicts...

Eurothink coffee debate: “Common visions, common challenges: relations between North Macedonia and Bulgaria through the youth prism”

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