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Vertical opposition to illegal logging in North Macedonia

Key information about the project


Embassy of Canada in Serbia, Canadian Fund for Local

Time frame of implementation

June 2021 – February 2022

General goal of the project

The general goal of this project is the mapping of the forms of crime in relation to illegal logging as an environmental crime and the analysis of the institutional capacities in the direction of dealing with it. Accountability of the government and institutions is a kind of goal of this project in terms of improving the institutional capacities to deal with illegal logging and the activities undertaken during 2021.

Specific objective of the project

The specific goal of the project is to raise awareness among citizens and institutions regarding the consequences of illegal logging as a form of environmental crime and to emphasize the need to prevent deforestation as a kind of direct cause of climate change.


1. Conducting an analysis and preparation of a report for the cities of Prilep, Strumica, Gevgelija and Veles, in three languages ​​(Macedonian, Albanian and English);
2. Creation of 3 visual products;
3. Holding an initial and final conference;
4. Active media and online awareness campaign with over 25 posts related to illegal logging;
5. Opening and closing conference

Ruining our future: forms/models of organized crime in illegal logging in the Republic of North Macedonia

We are pleased to inform you that EUROTHINK – Center for European Strategies today published the research “Destroying our future:…