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Harmonization of bilateral relations between North Macedonia and Greece by monitoring the implementation of the Prespa Agreement

Key information about the project


Embassy of Canada in Serbia

Time frame of implementation

July 2019 – February 2020

General goal of the project

Support for North Macedonia’s Euro-Atlantic integration through reconciliation between North Macedonia and Greece, by providing independent and evidence-based monitoring of the implementation of the Prespa Agreement.

Specific objective of the project

The specific goal of the project is to encourage and increase the confidence of the citizens of N. Macedonia for the reconciliation between North Macedonia and Greece.


1. Preparation of a monitoring report with methodology;
2. Creation of 5 visual products;
3. Holding an initial and final conference;
4. Holding two workshops with journalists and the business

Implementation of the Prespa Agreement

On 27.02.2020, in the Holiday Inn hotel, Skopje, a closing event was held on the topic “Implementation of the Prespa…