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Eurometer October 2023 public opinion survey results

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Eurometer October 2023 public opinion survey results


Below you can download the public opinion survey “EUROMETER 2023: Perceptions and attitudes of the citizens of the Republic of North Macedonia on the social and political situation in the country, information and European integration processes”. It includes the citizens’ views on democracy in the Republic of North Macedonia, relations with the European Union, neighbors, foreign policy, elections and how citizens are informed, i.e. which media they use as a source of information, especially on the aforementioned topics.

The research is within the framework of the project “Media for the EU” – Civil society program for the participation of the media in the negotiation process of North Macedonia for EU membership. The research was conducted by the BRIMA agency, through a computer-assisted telephone survey in the period from September 4 to 21, 2023, on a representative sample of 1003 respondents. The margin of error is +/-3.1% at a confidence level of 95%.