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Euro-enthusiasm in Freefall: EUROMETЕR Survey December 2022

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Euro-enthusiasm in Freefall: EUROMETЕR Survey December 2022


EUROTHINK – The Center for European Strategies has been following, observing, analyzing and supporting Macedonia’s accession to the European Union for 20 years, despite all the obstacles and difficulties. Since the dynamics of this field cannot be followed only through the analysis and observation of the existing and official instruments of the EU enlargement policy, in 2013 we decided to establish a new component in the organization, which will deal with research and analyzes of social Europeanization and democratization in Macedonia. A key element of this new component was the examination of public opinion through regular annual surveys, EUROMETAR.

EUROMETAR aims to examine the perceptions, attitudes and opinions of citizens on issues related to Europeanization, democratization, but also to ask them other current questions.

The aim of EUROMETAR is not to draw conclusions, but to create a database that will serve as a basis for evidence-based policy making for decision-makers, think-tank organizations and the academic community, thereby providing, we hope, a modest contribution to overcoming the lack of good data on which good policies are based.

This research seeks to offer insight into the conditions and processes of the democratization of Macedonian society and European integration.

This year’s research was conducted within the project “Improving the accountability and transparency of the police in the Republic of North Macedonia”, supported by the National Endowment for Democracy (NED). By supporting the process of cooperation between the police, media and local communities, this project aims to encourage existing and develop new good practices and effective mechanisms for greater transparency and accountability of the police. Within the framework of the project, work is also being done to improve the transparency of police work in the community by encouraging innovative communications with the public and better cooperation with the media.

Download the publication here.