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Digital Europeanisation in North Macedonia: slowly moving forward

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Digital Europeanisation in North Macedonia: slowly moving forward


In 2018, the European Commission has launched the Digital Agenda for the Western Balkans. It aims to support the transition of the region into a digital economy and society by modernising public administrations, strengthening cybersecurity, increasing connectivity, and boosting research and innovation. In recent years, North Macedonia has been trying to digitalise its public services and install digital wallets, but the process remains slow, and is riddled with problems coming from both citizens – a lack of knowledge, trust, and digital skills – and institutions, because of the need for legal amendments, inertia, the lack of understanding the benefits and trust. The authors of this Policy Brief, published in the framework of the “Western Balkans 2 EU” project, outline the many political, social and administrative advantages that fast implementation of these services would have and formulate policy recommendations.

Read the full Policy Brief here.