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Deforested forests – mapping crime in the form of illegal logging

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Deforested forests – mapping crime in the form of illegal logging


The 2020 research entitled “Devastation of our Future: Forms and Models of Organized Crime in Illegal Logging in the Republic of North Macedonia,” published by Eurothink, pointed to the urgency and importance of taking measures against the emergence of illegal, otherwise known as illegal, logging. In the theory, integrated as part of the corpus defining environmental crime, in the broader definition this term represents an act committed with the intention of causing harm or potentially
damage the environment and/or the biological world in order to obtain illegal property or personal benefit. This type of crime transcends national borders and becomes an international problem, taking into account the organizational structures of groups that deal with illegal logging, which are transnational. The seriousness and scale of the problem of deforestation were raised internationally. Namely, this year at the Climate Change Conference in Glasgow, Scotland, the danger of deforestation was noted. Over 100 countries in the world have supported the initiative to suppress this phenomenon at the global and national level, and one of those countries is our country.


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