Perceptions and Attitudes of the Citizens of the Republic of North Macedonia about the Work of the Police

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And this year, the citizens have the highest confidence in the Army (39%). Religious institutions are in second place with 32%, right after them is the police with 21%, etc. Citizens have the least confidence this year in the Prosecutor’s Office (7%) and in the judiciary (6%). The negative opinion about the fight against corruption in the state institutions in the country dominates, i.e. 71% of the respondents believe that the institutions are unsuccessfully leading the fight against corruption.

During the evaluation of the police in the country, out of several statements related to its work, professionalism in its work was rated as the highest (25%). The lowest evaluated aspect is its independence, for which 70% of respondents gave a negative assessment. Regarding the knowledge of the mechanisms for supervision, 2.6% of the respondents submitted a report to the internal control of the police, while 13.2% of the respondents are aware of the mechanisms of external control over the work of the police. 51% of the respondents positively
evaluate the availability of information regarding the procedures before the administrative services at the Ministry of the Interior.

Awareness of the concept of “Community Policing” was 15% in 2022, while in 2021 it was 9%. A positive assessment of this concept in 2022 is given by 87% of those who know this concept. Familiarity with the work of the Local Prevention Council among respondents in 2022 was 10%, while in 2021 it was 5%, which represents a slight increase.

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