#EUROTALK session with Zoran Angelovski, the director of OTA

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On October 12, 2022, EUROTHINK-Center for European Strategies in cooperation with the Geneva Center for Security Sector Governance (DCAF) organized an #EUROTALK session with the Director of the Operational-Technical Agency (OTA), Mr. Zoran Angelovski. The central topic of the discussion was the communicational strategy of the Operational-Technical Agency as one of the security intelligence services in the Republic of North Macedonia. Sixteen guests from the media and the civil society sector took part in the event.  

Angelovski’s introductory 15-minute presentation was followed by a constructive and dynamic discussion in which several elements of the agency’s transparency were discussed. The attendees agreed that the communications aspect of OTA’s work in relation to the general public is specific and to a certain extent conditioned by the nature of the activities it conducts.  

A large part of the discussion was focused on the relations between OTA and other institutions, especially on the strengths and weaknesses of its key cooperation with the parliamentary comissions related to OTA’s operations. Among the more important general insights from the discussion was the urgent need for improvement of the mechanisms of parliamentary and civil oversight over the secret service aparatus in which OTA is a part.  

Finally, the attendees were also interested in the budgetary and personnel segments related to the OTA.  

This #EUROTOK session was the second of a series of meetings dedicated to the security sector, within the framework of the Program for Reforms in the Intelligence and Security Sector in the Republic of North Macedonia (2021-2026) implemented by DCAF – Geneva Center for Security Sector Management.