Policy brief “Inclusive decision-making in the work of the police in the Republic of North Macedonia”

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In order to strengthen the rule of law, police reform is essential as a priority area for further development.22 The police, as the most visible body for maintaining public safety, are subject to changes that include the establishment and renewal of mechanisms for cooperation and communication
with citizens, which are a key tool for strengthening trust in the police that will achieve sustainable effectiveness in policing. The concept of “community policing”, i.e. “police close to the citizens”, is a philosophy of approach to policing and an educational framework, above all, for police officers, in terms of enhancing preventive policing that will enable mutual cooperation and communication between the police and the citizens. 

The project “Towards a transparent, accountable and inclusive policing in the Republic of North Macedonia” is implemented in order to contribute towards improved policing and increased trust in the Police of the Republic of North Macedonia. The goal of the project is intended to be achieved by assessing the levels of accountability, transparency and inclusive decision-making in the work of the police on a national level. Furthermore, the ultimate goal of this one-year intervention is to promote a dialogue between the police, media and civil society organizations at the local level, with the aim of contributing towards fostering public debate for obtaining higher security standards in the Macedonian society

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