Infographic – Council for civilian supervision

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The council for civilian supervision of North Macedonia is a hybrid institution established with the sole goal to ensure a democratic oversight over the validity of administering the measures for communications surveillance of the intelligence and security sector services. This newly established body is based on the Croatian model of civil society oversight of the security sector and is consisted of representatives of the civil society organizations as well as experts from the Parliament of North Macedonia. Almost two years after its inception, it has been a topic of discussion whether its establishment has provided a positive contribution toward accountability of the security and intelligence sector in the country. For that purpose, The Center for European Strategies – Eurothink in collaboration with the Geneva Center for Security Sector Governance (DCAF) created an infographic with crucial policy recommendations to improve the work of the Council for Civilian Supervision (CCS) including reformation of the security and intelligence sector in North Macedonia as part of the activities to support the Intelligence Sector Reform Program (2017-2021).