Meeting with His Excellency Stephen Dion, Special Envoy of the Canadian Prime Minister for Europe and the European Union

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On July 22, 2019, a meeting was held at the premises of EUROTHINK with His Excellency Stephen Dion, Ambassador of Canada to Germany and Special Representative for Europe and the European Union. The Ambassador was accompanied by his Counselor, Ms. Jenna Rene Martinuzi, and Mr. Brian Ebel, Counselor at the Embassy of Canada in Belgrade. The meeting discussed the reform process, current political developments, as well as key reform priorities in terms of civil society.

Ms. Magdalena Lembovska and Mr. Aleksandar Stojanovski from EUROTHINK briefed Ambassador Dion on the current work of the association, as well as the work plans regarding the project for harmonization of bilateral relations between North Macedonia and Greece, by monitoring the implementation of the Prespa Agreement, supported by the Canadian Fund for Local Initiatives. In addition, our researchers gave their views on the possibilities for future Canadian support in the country’s reform process and building a liberal, democratic and inclusive society.

EUROTHINK thanks the citizens and institutions of Canada for their interest and support in the region.