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EUROTHINK – Center for European Strategies in cooperation with the office “Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung” in Skopje, and supported by the Embassy of Canada in Serbia, North Macedonia and Montenegro, organize a final event on “Implementation of the Prespa Agreement” on Thursday, 27.02 .20220, in Holiday In Hotel, Skopje.

The event will discuss the implementation of the Prespa Agreement so far, and will present a short public policy document and video material for creating policies for monitoring and discussing the current steps and challenges of implementation. The material was created in collaboration between Greek and Macedonian analysts and journalists, considering various aspects of the agreement. The discussion will highlight the political dimension of implementation and the increasingly less visible steps taken so far, with challenges for further implementation.

Eurothink's Vision

The vision of EUROTHINK is to see the Republic of North Macedonia as a developed, democratic and liberal society based on the principles of justice, equality, freedom and prosperity. We see the EU integration process as the best instrument for achieving our vision.

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