Participation in an event for Models for Accountability of the Security Sector Institutions

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On October 22, 2019 The Metamorphosis Foundation and IFEX – The World Network Defending and Promoting Free Expression organized a conference titled “Models for Accountability of the Security Sector Institutions”.

Magdalena Lambovska, project coordinator and researcher at EUROTHINK, delivered a presentation on the topic “Challenges in good governance and recommendations for establishing accountability of the institutions responsible for national security.

“The Law on the National Security Agency was adopted and the new Agency officially became operational on 1 September. But this does not mean that we have completed the reform of the security and intelligence sector, ” said Lambovska.

The EUROTINK representative also spoke about the challenges in carrying out parliamentary oversight of the intelligence services, such as the politicization of oversight, weak capacities, unclear legal provisions, and the lack of oversight tools. In addition, the legitimacy of parliamentary oversight is also questionable, given the poor performance and low level of public trust in the Parliament.

The other two panelists at the session were Prof. Kebir Avziu, Dean of the Faculty of Law at the State University of Tetovo and Prof. Marjan Gjurovski from the Faculty of Security at St. Clement of Ohrid University in Bitola.

The second panel discussion was dedicated to interception of communications, with speakers Aleksandar Nikolov from the Zenith Association, Andrej Petrovski from the SHARE Foundation and Assoc. Prof. Ice Ilijevski, member of the Council for Civil Oversight.

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