EUROMETER 2018 – Good neighborly relations and foreign policy


The research focuses on the good neighborly relations between North Macedonia and Greece, as well as North Macedonia and Bulgaria, and was developed by EUROTHINK, for common needs with the Friedrich Ebert Foundation. The survey was conducted from March 1 to 23, 2018, with questions that largely coincide with the questions asked in a survey in neighboring Greece, conducted in almost the same period. The document contains information from the survey research for both countries, which enables a comparative analysis. The public opinion poll conducted by the agency M-Prospect from Skopje, through a computer-assisted telephone survey in a representative sample of 1043 respondents with +/- 3.03% margin of error. The methodological correctness of the survey is the responsibility of M-Prospect, while the questionnaire was prepared by the EUROTHINK team. The survey was conducted in partnership with the Friedrich Ebert Foundation.