Euro-Enthusiasm in Free Fall – EUROMETER December 2022

Eurometer part 1 2022

The survey conducted showed that in terms of the public perception of the situation with the fundamental social values, a high 61 % of respondents believe that there is no democracy. The great general dissatisfaction is reflected through the opinion of the citizens about the direction of developments in the state, with 72 % who believe that North Macedonia is moving in the wrong direction. 

Despite the growing skepticism regarding the entry of North Macedonia into the European Union, 
49 % agree that the entry into the EU is a good thing for the country, against 34 % who disagree. 29% of respondents think that the country will never enter the EU, while in 2021 this percentage was 17 %. It is evident that party preference has a very strong influence on the formation of the public opinion and on the perception of most of the socio-political topics. 

Citizens’ concerns about whether a state or an international organization poses a threat to North Macedonia have increased: 42 % of respondents believe that there is a threat, in contrast to 33 % in the previous year. Bulgaria (27 %) and Russia (4 %) stand out as the biggest threats from the list.

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