Eurothink participated at the 11th session of the Local Prevention Council in Strumica

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Eurothink attended the 11th Session of the Local Prevention Council of the Municipality of Strumica, which was held on February 22, 2023. The visit was part of the established cooperation with the aim of providing support for improving the work of the LPC of the municipality of Strumica. Earlier this year, Eurothink signed a Memorandum of Cooperation with the municipality.

Several current problems in the municipality were discussed at the session: illegal logging and trade of trees in the area of the Municipality of Strumica, the presence of logging machines on the roads, incidents of dog poisoning in the Municipality of Strumica and the presence of illegal sellers of foreign currency, so-called “changers”.

In the coming period, Eurothink will be in regular contact with the head of the LPC, provide advisory support, and conduct a survey of local residents’ perceptions of community security issues, which will serve as guidelines for the work of the LPC.

The activities take place within the framework of the project “With local councils for prevention towards improved cooperation” financed by the program Small Democracy Grants of the US Embassy.