Eurothink attended a training for the program “Communication with communities” for police officers from SIA Skopje

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Members of the Eurothink team – Center for European Strategies, at the invitation of ICITAP, attended the “Communication with communities” training for police officers from SIA Skopje.

Police officers from the middle management staff at SIA Skopje completed the three-day training for the “Communication with communities” program, carried out by certified trainers at the Ministry of the Interior, as part of the ICITAP program at the US Embassy, which was also implemented in other internal affairs departments .

As part of the training, the program manager at the ICITAP Department of Justice at the US Embassy, Karl Clark, the mayor of the Municipality of Cucher Sandevo, Sashko Komnenovic, and the assistant director of the Unit for Strategic Planning, Standards and Quality Control, Gjoko Kotevski, also visited. They emphasized the importance of this program with which police officers acquire new knowledge and skills in order to improve the quality of police cooperation with communities.

Eurothink, as guests of the training, held a short presentation of the findings on the attitudes and perceptions of citizens about the police in the areas of transparency, accountability and inclusiveness.