The controversy of ‘more (economic) freedom’ – Can liberalisation in North Macedonia cause more problems than benefits?

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Can liberalization initiatives cause more benefits or damage? Why is the controversy of more economic freedom important? Read more about it in the latest policy brief: “The controversy of more (economic) freedom-Can liberalization in North Macedonia cause more problems than benefits?” authored by Dimitar Nikolovski – Executive Director at Eurothink – Center for European Strategies and Aleksandar Stojanovski – Senior Researcher at Eurothink – Center for European Strategies

The policy brief is published in the framework of the WB2EU project: Europeanization meets democracy from below: The Western Balkans on the search for new European and democratic momentum and in collaboration with the The Austrian Institute for International Affairs (oiip) .  The project aims at establishing a network of renowned think-tanks, do-tanks, universities, higher education institutes and policy centers from the Western Balkans, neighboring countries and EU member states that will be most decisive for the enlargement process and Europeanisation of the region in the forthcoming period. The WB2EU project is co-funded by the European Commission with the support of the Erasmus+ Program of the European Union.