Towards transparent, accountable and inclusive policing in North Macedonia

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The Center for European Strategies – Eurothink has launched a new project: Towards transparent, accountable, and inclusive police in North Macedonia in collaboration with the Ministry of Interior Affairs (MOI) of North Macedonia and funded by the National Endowment for Democracy (NED). For that purpose, Eurothink and MOI signed a Memorandum of collaboration.

 This project initiative aims at contributing to democratic policing and increased trust and confidence in the Police in North Macedonia by assessing the levels of transparency, accountability, and participatory decision-making in the work of the Police on national and local level. The project activities will enable fostering dialogue between the police, media and CSOs on local level as well as contribute to the public debate on safety and security in this country.  

Eurothink's Vision

The vision of EUROTHINK is to see the Republic of North Macedonia as a developed, democratic and liberal society based on the principles of justice, equality, freedom and prosperity. We see the EU integration process as the best instrument for achieving our vision.

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