A guide to European policies, institutions and acquis

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EU policies aim to develop the Union as an area of freedom, security and justice to ensure free movement and a high degree of protection for citizens. European citizens need to feel confident that, no matter where they go, their freedom and security is protected in line with the values of the Union, such as the rule of law and fundamental rights.

Unlike most other chapters, Chapter 24 does not imply a common policy of justice, freedom and security. Given the scope and comprehensiveness, there are
some common policies that are an integral part of this area, but some of the policies are still under development. It should be borne in mind that policies in the field of justice, freedom and security encroach on the sovereignty of states and many national security issues remain within the competence of the member states. At the same time, some of the areas within Chapter 24 inevitably coincide with Chapter 23 – Judiciary and Fundamental Rights, and both chapters are considered an integral part of the рule of law political criterion.

This document intends to guide the stakeholders of North Macedonia, i.e. the representatives of the institutions, civil society organizations, media and other stakeholders, through the complex legal and institutional structure of the areas within Chapter 24.

The document is available for download here.