ICC, IOM Launch COVID-19 Guidance for the Protection of Migrants

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Migrant workers are playing a big role in today’s global workforce and all sized enterprises worldwide rely upon them, including industries hard-hit by COVID-19. For that reason, The International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) and the International Organization for Migrants (IOM) has decided to release guidance for employers on measures to protect migrants during COVID-19. Migrant workers are experiencing job losses, salary cuts and difficulties in accessing health care. They face language and cultural barriers, lack social protection and discrimination.

The guidelines for employers include general principles such as the equitable and respectful treatment of the migrants, despite their gender or status, which is presented in five main categories. IOM and ICC’ s guidelines also highlight the private sector’s role in addressing the challenges that migrant workers face during the COVID-19 pandemic. IOM and ICC (including its network of national committees) are aiming to spread awareness of the needs and support measures for migrant workers during COVID19 among different industries and regions. A webinar was hosted by IOM and ICC directed at employers in Latin America.

Download the ICC-IOM Guidance on Protection for Migrant Workers during the COVID-19 Pandemic, here.