Participation in the Second Practical Exercise for Parliamentary Oversight of the Intelligence Services organized by DCAF

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EUROTHINK – Center for European Strategies was part of the Second Practical Exercise on Parliamentary Oversight of the Intelligence Services, organized by DCAF – Geneva Center for Security Sector Management. Participants in the exercise were MPs who are part of the relevant parliamentary committees for oversight of the security and intelligence services, staff working to support the committees, as well as members and members of the newly formed Civil Oversight Council.

Magdalena Lembovska, project coordinator and researcher at EUROTHINK, participated as part of the facilitators that facilitated the implementation of the exercise. The event was titled “Field Surveillance Visit”, where participants had the opportunity to discuss the challenges of overseeing the security and intelligence services, as well as the positive aspects of existing national legislation.

The event took place from 17 to 19 September in Mavrovo, North Macedonia.

The exercise is part of the Intelligence Reform Program in the Republic of North Macedonia, which DCAF is implementing with a financial support from the United Kingdom (FCO – CSSF), Netherlands (Ministry of Foreign Affairs), Sweden (SIDA) and Switzerland (SDC).