Starting the second round of the MIICT co-creation workshops

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The MIICT Project continues its co-design and co-creation focus with three upcoming workshops throughout October 2019. They will take place in Italy, Cyrus and Spain, where also the initial requirement elicitation workshops took place in April 2019. Relying on the challenges identified by stakeholders during the first requirement elicitation sessions, the outputs of the forthcoming workshops will feed into the development of the prototypes for possible ICT enabled solutions. The workshops will be facilitated by members of MIICT partner organisations, whose main role will be to explain what is expected of participants and to clarify any concerns that participants might have during the workshops.

In the upcoming workshops, two main activities will take place. First, stakeholders will be working in mixed groups to co-create ICT enabled solutions by using mind-maps. The groups will include migrants, public service providers, NGOs and subject matter experts. The second set of activities will focus on the co-design of prototypes of the ICT services expected and proposed by stakeholders. The prototyping sessions across the three pilot countries will be led by the technical partners of the MIICT Project. Stakeholders will be able to test proposed functions on a secure online version that is only available to members of the project at this moment. The technical partners of MIICTR will then use the results from the workshops to continue their development of ICT solutions.

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